Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few New Pieces

From My Heart to Yours… Sorry it has taken me so long to post again and to get more jewelry up. I just don’t know where the time goes! When I do get in the jewelry room and spend the day I find that it fills my soul and spirit.

It is funny how I have always loved jewelry but never realized it was a God given talent until a few years ago. Life takes you down many paths to make you grow. It is amazing to see how many people click on the blog from all over the country. To all of you who do – thanks from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy and have a blessed day!

Rings pictured below:
Lady of Guadalupe Ring w/ blue topaz (Adjustable in size) $150
Kingman Turquoise Ring $70
Sterling Silver Ring $55
Israeli Silver Flower Ring $65
Close-Up of Lady of Guadalupe Ring
2 Strand Multi-silver Treasure Necklace $65

Green/Brown 1 strand Turqouise with Santa Fe Silver Beads $125
1 Strand Brown Slab with 3 Turqouise Chunks $85

Necklace Grouping (Individual Pictures Below)

Silver Beads with Turqouise Teardrops 1 strand $65

1 strand Silver with Turqouise & Pearl Beads $65
Turquoise Slab Necklace 1 strand $65

Necklace Grouping (Individual Pictures Below)

1 strand Turquoise with Purple Heishi $60

1 strand Silver with Green/Blue Heishi Turquoise $55

3 strand Multi-Green Turqouise with Copper Beads $65
3 strand Matching Bracelent $25 1 strand Silver with Brown Slab $70

1 strand Blue Lapis with David Troutman Cross (has citrine) $225

3 strand Multi-Blue/Green Turquoise Necklace $65

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Sampling of My Work

From my Heart to Yours... I recently put together a selection of jewelry consisting of turquoise, silver, and unique custom crosses that can be put together with necklaces. The jewelry pictured here is just a small example of the many unique designs I can create. I invite you to take a look at these and if you have any questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to call or email me. The prices indicate do not include additional tax and shipping/handling fees.
My little angel, Georgia, (my granddaughter) was our assistant while photographing this collection. She is quite the model, as you can see! The necklace she is wearing consists of 6 strands of leather with a sterling silver clasp ($65). The sterling silver cross featured is a multi-gemstone with turquoise from Santa Fe ($110). Each piece is sold separately.

Virgin Saints & Sinners Lady of Guadalupe Pendant (2 sided) Necklace $85
Custom Saints Necklace $125 *This necklace is by custom order*
Four Strand Multi Green/Blue/Brown Matrix Turqouise
with Large Slab Pendant $90

Custom Pewter & Turquoise Cross with Sterling Silver Turqouise Rosette $60
Sterling Silver & Pewter Cross Treasure Necklace $125

Sterling Silver Cross/Heart & Turquoise Pendant $45
Small Pewter & Turquoise Cross Pendant $45
*These can be added to any necklace of your choice*

White Slab with Sterling Silver & 14K Gold $75

Blue/Brown Turquoise Slab Necklace $65

(See details for these two necklaces below) 2 Strand Santa Fe Indian Necklace (featured in purple) $125

Santa Fe Indian Bone with Kachina Doll Pendant $110

(outer necklace)
3 Strand Necklace - Santa Fe Indian Beads with Turquoise & Coral $125
(inner necklace)
1 Strand Indian Fetish Long Necklace $60

4 Strand Turquoise with Bronze Beads Necklace $65
4 Strand Green/Brown Chunk Necklace with Slab Pendant $60
1 strand Red Coral Pumpkin Beads $60

(Featured Left to Right)
Turkish Sterling Silver Flower Ring $65
Sterling Silver Rose Earrings $45
Sterling Silver Rose Pendant $55

Large Turquoise Cross featured with Small Crosses $45
Small Turquoise Cross with Sterling Cross Medallion $ 40
(These could be added to any necklaces and customized with silver bells)

2 Strand Green Turquoise with Center Chunk Pendant $65
Small Turquoise Cross with Sterling Cross Inlay Pendant $45
1 strand Lime Green with Bali Beads Necklace $55

Large Pewter Cross (information featured above in earlier photo)
6 Strand Coral with 3 Large Turquoise Crosses $ 85
4 Strand Blue/Green Turquoise with Turquoise Crosses $95

(Featured Left to Right)
1 strand Silver Overlay Beads with Blue Chunk Necklace $65
2 Strand Brown/Green Bears Necklace $60
Custom Pewter Cross with Turquoise $45
*This cross could be added to any necklace*

2 Strand Treasure Necklace $60
This is great for any outifit - it goes with anything and looks adorable!
My clients ALWAYS get compliments on these necklaces.
They layer wonderfuly with silver or any other turquoise necklace!
These are truly one of a kind - no two the same!

(Featured Left to Right)
1 strand Large Blue Turquoise Strip Beads Necklace $60
(shown with Sterling Pendant sold separately $110)
1 strand Blue/Green Teardrop Necklace $60
Sterling Silver & Pewter Treasure Cross Necklace $125
(also featured in earlier photo above)

4 Strand Blue Treasure with Sterling 4 -Stone Pendant $125
(price includes both the necklace and pendant)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jewelry Parties

The holidays are right around the corner so many of you will be shopping for those on your list, as will everyone else. A great way to earn some jewelry and potential Christmas gifts would be to host a jewelry party!

I have set up many jewelry parties across the state of Texas. This seem to be a big hit and I provide a huge selection of pieces that would meet the tastes of almost anyone.

This is also a great way for you, as a hostess, to earn free jewelry based on the party sales. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions regarding hosting a jewelry party.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jewelry featured at the Shops of River Square

A large selection of my pieces is offered in the Shops of River Square in Waco. The Rocking T Ranch Designs case is located upstairs at the front near the register. I do add new pieces fairly often and enjoy showing my jewelry to clients while I am there. Prices vary and there is a large selection of beaded items, sterling silver, as well as bracelents and earrings.

I have had a selection placed at the Shops of River Square for over three years. My daughter-in-law, Ingrid, helped get the case set up for the first time.

Welcome to the Rocking T Ranch Designs Blog!

Thank you for visiting the new blog for Rocking T Ranch Designs! I am excited to have the blog up and running and look forward to displaying the many pieces I have created!